Your situation: as a Managing Director or Corporate Executive, you want to better understand your competitive environment to seize opportunities

Discover our WATCHER Pack: €3,200

With our experience, we will be able to help you find relevant information and put it into perspective, by preparing a confidential summary report so that you can develop your strategy and seize opportunities.

  • Definition of the market report perimeter and strategic intelligence field with the client.

  • Search for relevant statistics and information on the web.

  • Integration of bottom-up information possibly provided by the client.

  • Analysis, synthesis and delivery either in the form of an 8-page strategic note in PDF or a Powerpoint presentation.

  • Included: a final editing for each drafted article once the client has had the chance to read and check. Usual deadline for editing: 1 week. Should additional editing be necessary to finalise the draft in order to fully meet the client's expectations, an extra charge will be applied based on a price of €100 per hour or €500 for the whole document.

  • Optional:  1 update during the year or in the next year, for an additional price of €1,500.

  • Note: the costs of subscription to professional newsletters or other information sources necessary to conduct our mission will be rebilled to the customer in addition to our service rate described above.

  • Payment conditions: 50 % down payment on order and 50 % balance at the end of our service. Payment by bank transfer. All our prices are in euros, and no VAT is charged.

You see that the economy moves very fast around you. You would like to have an external, objective opinion on your market environment. Your team if not yourself could participate in trade shows or conferences to gather information, but is this worth the effort? Especially as your staff are particularly talented for operational matters. All in all, you feel a little alone as a leader to carry out strategic thinking.


In fact, you would really appreciate having a data set put into perspective, a briefing note, a research work on a specific topic, such as a competitor that concerns you or a new market currently booming. This would allow you to move forward and it would be a valuable decision aid.

Why not ask an external consultant to conduct this kind of mission?

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