Your situation: you are only starting to launch your business, or you are a SME with several months or years of existence willing to create or revamp its website

As a business founder or a SME manager, you have a lot to do: develop your business plan, choose the right status for your company, convince a banker to accompany you in your project over time, follow all the administrative steps related to your business, prospect actively to find customers, improve your profitability on a day-to-day basis ...

In todays' world, it is essential to maintain an online presence by means of a website, Facebook Pro or LinkedIn Pro page. You know what you want to share with your community of potential followers but you simply do not have the time or the capacity to write. You may prefer to be in contact with your customers, focusing on boosting your turnover. Other priorities lead you to postpone the task of drafting, and weeks may go by without you changing or updating your online presence.

Why wait any longer? We can offer you our editorial skills to help you target your prospects and customers by getting the right message across. Together we can ensure that your business makes better and faster progress!

Let's meet up to discuss your needs and your goals, and present:

Our STARTER pack: €1,250/YEAR

It is specially designed to provide you quickly with the first texts you need for your communication,

online as well as on paper. Here are the details of this offer:

  • Discussion by phone, email or Skype to fully understand your project and adapt our written drafts to your requirements.

  • Writing 2 pages of presentation of your project / activity for your website, LinkedIn Pro or Facebook Pro profile (circa 1,000 words). Price for each additional page: €250. Once approved by the client, the final texts will be sent by email so that they can be inserted on the client’s website and/or social networks, and be forwarded to the web-designer / web-master.

  • Preparing the text for a two-sided A5 flyer or a booklet in A4 format (to be printed by the printer of your choice, at your expense) to present your activity. Our service includes proofreading after the page layout done by a graphic designer to check the quality of the flyers to be printed.

  • Deadline for providing our presentation texts: 2 weeks

  • Also included: a final editing for each drafted article once the client has had the chance to read and check. Usual deadline for editing: 2 days. Should additional editing be necessary to finalise the drafts in order to fully meet the client's expectations, an extra charge will be applied based on a price of €50 for each group of 250 words being redrafted.

  • Writing a web article (about 500 words) per month for one year relating to your business, your trade or your market. As for other texts, only minor editing of our initial drafts is included in our basis price.

  • Special condition: if the client does not wish to have these monthly articles for updating of the website, the price of the Starter offer will be reduced to €800 instead of €1,250.

  • Payment conditions: 50 % down payment on order, then 25% payment when initial texts are provided and 25 % balance at the end of our service. Payment by bank transfer. All our prices are in euros, and no VAT is charged.

Besides our offers, here are some of our standard rates for preparing written content:

  • Texts up to 1,500 words to be inserted on the web: €600. Quality control after online publising: €300.

  • A5 flyer: €120. Quality check of the page layout: €80.

  • A4 presentation booklet: €400. Quality check of the page layout: €200.

  • Articles, texts, blog posts: €600  for 6 items of 250 words approximately per year.

  • Texts to be used in the customer relationship: €30/text.

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