Digital Content Manager / Copywriter: to strengthen your online presence in a dynamic manner
  • We write texts for your website, blog, landing pages, presentation of your activities or products, newsletters, business cases ...

  • We optimise the content marketing strategy and SEO (natural referencing) of your website using the keywords of your business line

  • We coordinate the online content with your web master / web designer / PR / communication agency

... Increased web visibility and e-reputation

Proofreader / Rewriter: to ensure the quality of all your texts
  • We use our critical mind to improve the consistency of your contents

  • We spellcheck carefully and eliminate all typos and grammatical mistakes

  • We upgrade the style of your texts, shorten sentences, avoid repetitions

  • We rewrite pages and posts as necessary

... Better user experience and greater clarity for your readers

SEO expert: to help your website gain popularity on searching tools
  • We conduct an initial SEO audit of your website to assess its strengths and weaknesses

  • We recommend several kinds of improvements : keywords, titles, website map, links...

  • We put in practice solutions as agreed with the client

  • We monitor SEO over time to check results

... A very useful expertise to be singled out on the web

​Editorial Manager: to be more efficient in the business relationship with your customers or prospects (brochures, publications, reports, flyers, newspapers ...)
  • We establish a schedule to publish all your contents at the appropriate date for each media

  • We write content for all your communication media (web and print) and deliver it on the agreed days

  • We manage your editorial project and coordinate the page layout with other providers (graphic designers, printers ...)

... Improved relevance of your external communication

​English / French Translator: to improve your international links
  • We produce a high quality French version of your English professional texts
  • We rely on our bilingual professional experience in real estate, economics, marketing/communication and market research

  • We use the business lexicons that may be provided by our clients and proofread carefully the final French text

  • We also draft short simple documents directly in English on request

 ... Easier contact with your English-speaking business partners

Strategic Intelligence & Marketing Consultant: to help you make the right decisions
  • We follow your business news and conduct business intelligence

  • We analyse market data and trends

  • We provide key information in a clear, succinctly summarised form

  • We carry out strategic insight and recommendations

... Performance gains in your development

In addition to the range of our diverse packages available on our home page, we also offer our customers tailored services on request.

6 Impasse des Aubépines
30980 Langlade, France


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