Your situation: you look for a partner who can proofread your content

Your team draft web pages, posts for your blogs and social media, emailings etc. However you would like to have someone else to read through all this material and review it before it is published online. This would bring you extra confidence about the meaning of your written communication as well as its quality.
Spellchecking, grammatical rules, sentence structuring, drafting style, consistency of the message, content strategy matter more than ever when it comes to SEO.  We can deliver this detailed review for you and make sure that all your content is suitable and efficient for web communication. We have solid skills to rewrite some parts of your texts if necessary, and we will of course correct any minor typos or spelling errors as well.


We will proofread very carefully all your content in order to make you more comfortable with your online publications.

  • Thorough review of your texts, ideally before they are put online.

  • Editing, minor corrections, spellchecking.

  • Potential redrafting if agreed with the client.

  • Making sure the message delivered is perfectly understandable for third parties.

  • Taking into account SEO along the reviewing process.

  • Short deadlines to send the amended / improved content back to the client.

  • For information, we can work on a text of circa 3,000 words in an hour. 

  • Payment conditions: 30 % down payment on order, then 70% at the end of our service. Payment by bank transfer. All our prices are in euros, and no VAT is charged.

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